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These are two totally different programs. Diamond Factory System is where you are now. The System is a set of TOOLS for you to use in your business to support your new members, keep in touch with prospects, and FIND new prospects. This program is a monthly subscription fee ranging from $19.99 to $99.99.
Diamond Factory Training is an online program to teach you how to build your business both on and offline. Hosting classes, vendor shows, annual sales trends, leadership topics, social media 101, etc. are all training lessons you can learn. This program is a one time fee and you can find it here
These really work GREAT together!
Absolutely! There are many marketing sites to choose from. They have been designed with both markets in mind. Some of the sites can be used successfully in cold market advertising, while others are best used for when people ask for more information. There are also website that allow you to add your own video, so that you can speak directly to whichever market you choose.
Yes, how awesome is that!?! You can get your subscription for free. When you refer 3 people at the same subscription level as you (or above) you will not be charged a subscription as long as they remain active subscribers! There is not an affiliate program where you can get paid out on your referrals.
For MANY reasons. Let's list a few....
#1: The marketing websites speak to a NEED and offer a SOLUTION. They were created to lead with challenges people would be seeking solutions for. This allows for much more effective promotion. Websites that lead with the product do not result in people enrolling, and sometimes end up with leads enrolling with someone else.
#2: There are many websites and marketing pages that you can use and test at the same time. You can run various campaigns and see what is the most effective.
#3: There are many options to target your best audience. There are targeted pages, as well as pages that allow you to add your own video so you can speak directly to the audience you want to target.
#4: DFS does not just offer marketing websites. There is everyone's favorite... the New Member Training Website! This website gets people up an running with their product or business FAST.
#5: DFS is not just a collection of websites, but an ALL IN ONE solution to grow and manage a thriving business. Included in the system is a contact manager, autoresponders (automail), lead notification, marketing tools (such as bookmarks, flyers and banner ads), training and the options to add text and voice blasting.
Scroll down to the bottom of this page to read just a few of the many testimonials we have received from our beyond satisfied subscribers. But don't take our word for it.... try the system out for yourself!
We have been in your shoes! Just like anything new that you do, be patient with yourself and learn step by step. We have an easy to follow System Setup which you will be guided through as soon as you join. Our system also offers tutorials, live training, and an awesome support staff that is eager to help you make the most of your Diamond Factory System. You can expect a call from them as soon as you join to offer their support! The system was designed to help YOU rock out your business... and it's never been easier.
Here's a link to a PDF that explains everything.
In a nutshell, brand new members just getting started with their business can begin at the $19.99 BEGINNER level. They will get the marketing funnels especially designed for their business and the contact manager to stay in touch with their leads and new members. No customization is necessary.
The next step is the BUILDER level at $49.99. This includes everything at the BEGINNER level plus ALL of the single page targeted sites (moms, business, toxins, oils, etc). At the BUILDER level you can create up to 4 custom automail campaigns and upload larger lists. You also have access to the pages that allow you to add your own videos AND the much loved New Member Training Website.
The PROFESSIONAL level includes all of the previous, this is the level for people with BIG lists and desiring to have many automail campaigns.
Concerned about price? Remember, share with 3 and yours is FREE!
You sure can! You can upgrade and downgrade easily in your account settings.
The Done-4-U Marketing Funnels each have automail (autoresponder) campaigns attached to them. Because the industry standard states that 75-90% emails do not get opened, we were SURE to keep the information your prospects need to stay engaged and enroll on the websites! Huge automail campaigns sound sexy, but they are generally ineffective. Think about it.... how many emails do you delete or ignore each day?
We do not have an app and don't need one! Our system is 100% fully mobile responsive and works perfectly on all devices. It's it nice being able to work the same tool on your computer, ipad, smart phone or tablet? SURE ITS! It's one of the reasons people say our system is so easy to use... once you learn it, it's the same on all devices!
Yup! You can import your lists into the contact manager. Federal Trade Commission Anti-Spam laws require the contacts to have IP addresses and date stamps within 30 days of import. For older lists or those without that information, they can be manually uploaded.
Yes you can! That is one of the BIG benefits of having the Diamond Factory System. You can bulk message them if they have opted into one of your marketing sites OR you have imported it with IP addresses and date stamps less than 30 days old.
Yes, and you can get BEST PRICE AROUND! This feature is integrated into the system and leads will automatically be delivered directly into your contact manager. We negotiated the lowest possible rate and pass the savings right over to YOU!
Yes we do and they are AWESOME! We know how important it is to talk to a real person when you have a problem. We have support through tickets, live chat, and phone.
We want you to LOVE Diamond Factory System, so we do offer you a free trial, but we do not offer refunds if you use the system and just don't find it a fit. If it's NOT for you, simply cancel it. Please note, with the free trial, if you do NOT cancel your subscription you will get charged.


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